Designed Specifically to Unlock Your Children's Potential in Exploring Self-Discovery

Delivery Mode - Fully ONLINE & in Two Languages (Malay & English).

SKOLAR FUTURES, an institution that will assist your children in exploring self-discovery and what they enjoy as guidance for their future.

Children aged 7 to 17 can enroll in our program and explore together the 6 pillars we provide. 6 Pillars:


✅ Art & Language

✅ Self-Discovery

✅ Digital Entrepreneurship

✅ Leadership and Communication Skills

✅ E-Sports

Imagine your children, in one 'semester' (lasting 12-14 weeks), taking one or two or three different courses from different pillars. When the course ends, they will be asked to make presentations, reflect, and share live with parents about what they have learned.

When they onboard Skolar Futures, they will enter the MIMPI project first. They can share their dreams. From there, the teachers or directors of MIMPI Skolar Futures will discuss with parents which pillars they can follow first, and what the next direction will be.

Imagine your children aged 10, 11, 14 having their own products to sell, having public speaking skills and confidence in the audience, being able to participate in presentations discussing 'climate change' issues, or perhaps being able to publish their own children's storybooks. Where is the place for you to unearth their talents? At Skolar Futures! 💪🏻